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Reading this book, Laughing To Keep From Crying, you will realize you are not alone ... someone knows your journey and you will make it through.

To Keep From

This Alzheimer's Thing
Rosalyn shares an honest experience as a loving caregiver writing about the good, bad, and often funny moments of taking care of her Mother living with Alzheimer's disease.

Learn more about this caregiver's dramatic journey and funny moments as she lived through self-discovery, pain, and frustration with love.
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book praise

Rosalyn Morgan’s chronicle of her caregiving journey, “Laughing to Keep from Crying”, is a very heartfelt and intensely personal account of the incredible and, oftentimes, overwhelming life of a caregiver.  Rosalyn is a brilliant storyteller and this book takes the reader on a never-ending emotional rollercoaster ride through the ups and downs and constant twists and turns of her day-to-day life in caring for her dear mother.  As a caregiver of over 20 years, so much of Rosalyn’s story resonated with me as I have experienced many, if not all, of the situations and challenges that she faced.  This is such a great read and resource for everyone who is faced with the caregiving journey.

Larry Thomas
Co-Chair Metropolitan Baptist Church Caregiving Ministry

​​​​​​I just want to say I enjoyed the book and the play even more. I remember Aunt Louise very well; she was always so nice and kind to me ... Your story brings the struggle of Alzheimer’s to the forefront and raises awareness of how this disease affects the person suffering from it and their loved ones. I was not here when my mom had to take care of grandma but seeing this play and reading the book helped me to understand what you all went through. Thank you for sharing with the world. 


LTKFC reviews

 “Laughing To Keep From Crying, This Alzheimer’s Thing IS NO JOKE,” is engrossing storytelling, … I read it in one sitting! This was the right time to read your book now that I’m on my caregiving journey with my dad. Ros some of the caregiving realities you shared are familiar and have been beneficial for me.  I gained strength, relief, and peace … and realized I’m not crazy. Rosalyn your written journey shines awareness on the effects of Alzheimer’s on loved ones. It helps prepare caregivers ... you revealed caring will involve uncertainties, sudden changes, distress, frustration, insecurities, and most of all heartbreak. Caregiving IS NO JOKE!  In my opinion, your book is an eye-opener that can help insensitive family members or friends who sometimes seem judgmental,  especially anyone who is not supporting a caregiver as they give steadfast attention, care, and protection to a loved one. Thanks Ros!



Written in the style of diary entries punctuated with lessons learned epilogues, "Laughing to Keep from Crying...," allows readers to dive into the story of one woman's struggle to simultaneously raise a family, navigate her own insecurities, and care for her ailing mother during the turn of the 21st century. There are moments in the journey that tug at your heart and challenge your own emotional readiness for one of life's inevitable ironies: When 'the child' becomes 'the parent' of their parent. Morgan . . . .provides great resources and tips for success for those embarking on the journey of caring for a parent. Being that there is currently no cogent literature on the subject matter from this perspective, this book should be deemed a necessary, albeit quick, read for those interested invaluable.  ​​​


Laughing to keep from crying: This Alzheimer's Thing is no Joke is a book from a daughter's perspective about being a caregiver. 

The author tells about her 7-year journey in caring for her mother who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. This unblinking book delves deep into the hidden truths when dealing with a loved one as they enter into this" long goodbye." The book does not shy away from tough issues like violence, the stress on one's family and marriage, financial burdens, embarrassment, work demands, and the good, bad, and ugly of some doctors. As Ms. Morgan writes caregiving involves a lot of laughter and tears. Life-changing decisions occur daily that involve estates, relocating the loved one to your home, diapers, and the struggle to allow your loved one dignity while you are forced to take away the car keys and eliminate your loved one's use of the stove. Throughout it all, Ms. Morgan's faith in Christ sustained her and her family. 

Ms. Morgan lovingly walks the reader toward solutions that she learned on her caregiving journey. Each chapter ended with a road map of potential problems for those who may be a caregiver and for those who don't know that this role may become their reality. A must-read for anyone with an aging parent.   

 ​JANET D.​​

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