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Welcome, I'm Rosalyn.

"I never imagined I would be a caregiver and Alzheimer's advocate, writing two books from lessons and experiences I lived through." Even greater beyond what I could have imagined, is that I've been able to speak to audiences at book fairs, radio talk shows, webinars, and held book readings for the past six years."


​I am an author and speaker who writes about real-life experiences drawn from my own life. I never imagined I would pen a book. In my first book, Laughing To Keep From Crying, This Alzheimer's Thing IS NO JOKE, I share my caregiver journey with my Mother, Louise who had Alzheimer's. Filled with drama and comedy, my story portrays loving family relationships and compelling care. Beyond my expectations, my story inspired the stage adaptation, Laughing InSpite Of, by playwright Elaine Hutchinson, first performed and continues since 2019. 

Since becoming an author, I've held book readings, been able to speak at book fairs and on radio talk shows, and participated in webinars. The more I speak, the more I’ve realized my purpose and assignment on earth ... being an advocate for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers … all caregivers. I welcome chances to share, encourage, and teach others about caring for loved ones, especially those with Alzheimer’s dementia. I sincerely hope my story will guide other caregivers in some little way and prove to be encouraging during emotional moments. To all the caregivers, I hope you realize your love and care make a difference.

A mom of two grown children, my second book capturing the impact of Alzheimer’s was written from my kids’ experience, “The Summer When Grandma Changed.” I wrote Mommy, Daddy Can I Have, Teaching Our Children Simple Money Management Tips, which provides a basic understanding for appreciation of money to help parents teach their children to respect money and avoid money issues in the future!  

I donate to various organizations to support the fight against Alzheimer's disease.

I enjoy my life as a wife and mother of two, residing in Maryland. You can follow me on social media.

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